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A Word from the Chef

We are a friendly local family run B&B and restaurant with long tradition in Labin. My father Dino opened it in 1972 and ran it for more than four decades, after which he passed his knowledge and experience to me. I obtained diplomas from two culinary courses in Croatia, mastered my skills in an Italian restaurant and returned to Markus to refresh the menu with new exciting recipes, combining the old Istrian cooking tradition with modern gastronomy challenges.


Petar Feletar, Zagreb, Croatia – Facebook

Restaurant Markus is an undisputed institution of Labin restaurant scene. The friendly circle and warmth of the whole Knapić family leaves me always enchanted, sublime – almost royal. Each of our visit remains locked in our memory, like a special trip to a world that can only be provided by Istra, its warm taverns, people of broad heart, its vineyards and hedonistic gourmet paradise delights. Everything comes together at Markus, so each reappearance, with the suggestion from the rich menu of young chef Roberto (worthy of Dino’s successor), turns out to be a gourmet journey and a new experience of mystic Labin. Perfect escape from busy everyday life and urban chaos! For me and my family, restaurant Markus provides the best therapy for us gourmets from which we return home enriched, relaxed and with a desire for a quick comeback. This level of service has been created for generations, so once again – my deep bow for the whole family Knapić on their persistence and hard work, and for royal treatment they give me. Cheers!


Steno, Treviso, Italy – TripAdvisor

I’ve been coming to this restaurant for 30 years now, I was attending both dinners with my family, and lunches and events with many people and the maximum grade is a must. For the goodness and freshness of the fish and homemade dishes, for the price not even comparable to what you would spend in Italy, for the friendliness of the owners. But what makes this restaurant special is the atmosphere. Eating in the countryside, in utter stillness, as you were at home eating in the garden with friends is priceless. Whoever attended this restaurant is looking forward to returning. A tip: look at the menu as well, but the best thing is to take advice from Dino and Roberto, you can trust them with your eyes closed!


Doreen, London, UK – TripAdvisor

We had a lovely meal at this restaurant near Labin. The sausage and cheese platter is made of homemade produce and wonderful for a starter. Pasta and bread are also freshly made on premises. Steak was tasty and tender. Service very helpful and friendly. We didn’t have room for a dessert! Going back tomorrow!


Tomáš M., Czech Republic – TripAdvisor

The food, service and atmosphere in Markus were excellent. We tried the salad, soup and fresh fish, and everything was perfect. We felt really welcome in this restaurant. The outdoor seating is located under tall trees so there is a plenty of shadow, and it felt like an oasis of peace compared to the towns flooded by tourists.


Billis979, Gualdo Tadino, Italy – TripAdvisor

Hidden in the hills between Labin and Rabac, this family run restaurant is a small gem. Spartan and charming, it offers excellent culinary experience. We were at dinner most evenings in a week, trying almost everything from the menu and have nothing to complain, the cook is doing very well, ranging from homemade pasta (delicious), fish sauces, meat (Istrian pasta with venison is fabulous), grilled fish – excellent, scampi, lobster, with fresh and local ingredients (a dish from the menu can be changed according to the availability in the season), to desserts that, even if you had enough, you eat them willingly because they are delicious. The price of the whole is more than fair.